Friday, 15 June 2012

Drive-By Posting

So carrying on with the vehicular theme i spend some time doing tutorials i'd discovered by this Miles Waterhouse chap. Very nicely done, its probably the best introduction to the basics of vehicle design and drawing around. So if you have a few quid to spare, it's well worth it.

Miles Waterhouse - Concise Car Sketching

one of the exercises is to trace (i know, cheating!) a picture of a car,
and try to just concentrate on simple reflections to describe its form. V. useful!

And as well as that, there was a study of another random internet photo (not traced!). I was again trying for a more painterly style, much like my last helicopter attempt, but possibly may have slightly over-egged the pudding. 
Well, its all about learning and i guess the most important thing i've (re)learnt recently is the importance of the initial drawing. It can take a while to sort it out, and it doesnt look showy or impressive, but once thats done everything else is so much easier. And it means i could potentially redo the same drawing in any number of different styles. In this case it was painterly scribbles, but it could have just have easily been a slick monochrome airbrush affair.

Undoubtedly theres going to be more of this learning to draw cars malarky, but in the meantime its Dr.Sketchy tomorrow - a very welcome break indeed!


  1. You *HAVE* to send on the final hi-res version of that second car image, I want to frame it and put it on my wall, it's sooooo cool. Good work, that man!

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  3. Agreed. I love that bottom piece, Aidan! Just the right amount of texture and looseness I think. More please!