Monday, 19 December 2011


Its been a while since i updated on here, for many varied reasons, but the important thing is i've finally got something to show for myself.

So here's a pic bursting at the seams with seasonal cheer. Or something like it.

And for the curious here's the initial sketches and a bit of a process/wip breakdown

*EDIT* Being happy enough with the direction i was headed in, i made a quick zbrush maquette to help with lighting reference. As the image wasnt terribly complicated it wasnt essential, but it certainly didnt hurt.

And then it was onto rendering everything up.
As is usual these days, i try to worry about only one thing at a time, so it was greyscale first then colour

I also knocked up an alternative card design too, for those of a slightly more sensitive disposition - everyone likes turkey right?

And as well as that, there was a couple of illustrations that i am not at liberty to divulge for another couple of months. Exciting eh? EH?

Finally, been trying to set friday lunchtimes aside at work (informally known as LUNCHARTed!) for a bit of zbrush speed sculpting. So far random internet memes seem to be the topic of choice. Cant go wrong with a bit of lolphin.

Theres been some other bits and bobs too - dr.sketchy and lifedrawing doodles mainly - but time and flagging motivation means they're not going to end up here today. Or ever.

Now to hang up my wacom for a couple of weeks or so, and begin eating my way through as many mince pies as possible



  1. Heh, I saw this post earlier today and thought Santa looked pretty cool -- only to find him on a Christmas card in the post later that day. Great work and thanks for the card. Happy Craigmas!

  2. You are INCREDIBLE. Merry Christmas! : D

  3. Quality Santa :D. Really glad to see the use of 3D Wilson! The pixelated mystery of the two concepts has me intrigued!!