Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I'm Ron... Burgundy?

Just a study, trying to work on my colour stuff - i'll keep to the greyscales + colourise for some subjects, but definitely want to get a bit better at eyeballing these things. Going back over some James Gurney stuff too as a refresher.

You stay classy, San Diego.


  1. That is so awesome ... on so many levels :)

    Take me to Pleasure Town.

  2. nice! are those will ferrels real teeth?

  3. Great study Aidan! I really like how you got a real sense of skin texture in there while still keeping it feeling painterly.

  4. Painted the light really great man! Top stuff :D
    Love the texture in the highlights. Glad to see your attack colour direct too!


  5. Lovely stuff, you should try doing the same stuff in trad media. Keep up the good work!

  6. wow! i think i'm going to have to do an anchorman pic a week if this reaction is anything to go by :)

    thanks everyone, and yes ben, those are his teeth. Like someone kicked over every headstone in the graveyard...

    sd for you neil, i SHOULD be doing this in trad media,'m not...Its just too much fail for me to handle!

    Thanks again everyone!

    *brought to you by the Wilson Technique in association with The McCoy Method (tm)*

  7. This is sick! O_O looks like a photo!!