Saturday, 2 July 2011

how about some more warhammer then?

Its been quiet round here again - as has been the case for most of this year, i've been doing fewer pieces, but trying to spend a bit more time on things when i get the chance. So hopefully a case of quality > quantity. Thats the theory anyway

Having said that i do miss the 'ol speedpaints, so might have switch things up in a bit (but possibly after a bit of a break to recharge the creative batteries, and enjoy whatever sort of summer we're going to get round here)

Right, so what we have here is a couple of more warhammer themed pics - a trusty old spacemarine, and a less well known (to me anyway) Empire greatsword from the warhammer fantasy universe. Theres some process shots and even....ANIMATED MOTHERFLUMPING GIFS!

Very happy with some bits, not so happy with others, but overall represents a big effort at trying to up my game a bit. And none of it could have been done without the expert eyeballs and uncompromising, but spot-on advice from the following Elders Of Art.



 Space Marine Closeup

 SpaceMarine Process

 SpaceMarine Process - Animted Gif (click to see animation)


Empire Greatsword Thumbnails

Empire Greatsword Process

Empire Greatsword Process - Animated Gif (click to see animation)

And thats it. Bye!

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