Monday, 7 February 2011


some...stuff, thats what

been a few more speedpaints since the last post - heres some of the least worst efforts (i wont even mention what i did to poor Chewbacca in one of them).

They'll have to do until i decide on something a little more substantial to tackle. Have a few ideas for some "projects", but as ever deciding on just one isn't as easy as i'd like.

So some moody thumbnails for a pic that hasnt quite resolved itself yet. No idea what its about, thats probably the problem

and some speedpaints



MYTHICAL CREATURE (Blorange edition)

Hilarious. I'm sure.


  1. I really like the energy in the Berserker piece. Inspires me to start speed drawing again :)

  2. eyup!
    mate, youre gonna have to take the last thumbnail to finish! And if colour starts to wind you up, just start from scratch copying it. (Sounds obvious i know, but just a reminder :D). Coz its good that one.
    And have you seen the battle:LA trailer?? Blorangefest!

  3. Agree with Jon, that last pic needs to be done fully!! (It still looks amazing). The top pics feel like something for the Dark Tower series by Stephen King :D

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  5. Hi Aidan,
    I hope you're doing well, some nice looking stuff on your blog.

    There's a drawing event coming up (Saturday March 12th) and I wondered if you'd be up for it. One of the main guys organising it is Smallkid (aka Nathan) very nice chap.

    You'll have the choice of drawing on a white wall (various sizes), mirror or a light box and maybe some other bits and pieces. There's also a party the day before on the Friday if you fancy it.

    The flyers aren't done yet, so if you can definitely make I might be able to get your name on the it, if I ask nicely :)

    Let me know soon as please.
    (Sorry for spamming you on several different sites, didn't know which one you'd visit first).