Friday, 14 January 2011


the sketches and doodles continue!

one of this weeks speedpaint topics, "Bones", inspired this sketch

which, for a change, i decided to quickly work on over the next 2 lunchtimes leaving me with this

And carrying on with the zbrushing, i decided to have a crack on some of the new features in version 4 and ended up with this stereotypically noodly beastie. Using polypaint i managed to give it a quick blast of colour, so all in all about 2 hours of work

Now with Video!

And thats all for this week...


  1. Eyup fella!
    Loving these mate! Esp alienheaddude.
    Good to see you posting regular. We'll av a catch up soon :)

  2. Lovely! The exposed spine/brain sections on the alien head work really well.