Sunday, 16 January 2011

..the devils playthings...

..thats what idle hands are - to prevent that heres the latest bit of zbrush doodling

still very much Work In Progress, so still lots of work to be done - anatomy, detailing proportions etc...ahh, sure, we'll see how it goes!


  1. Hey man, that's looking good! But maybe it would be cool if you kept closer to your original. I really like the smooth feel of your character in the painting, while in the sculpture you really thinned her hips, as well as made her legs very muscular. That elegance you had in the original concept is really worth keeping, imho. Looking forward to seeing the end result:)

  2. hi dimitry - i agree with your comments! once i'm happy with the underlying anatomy and proportions, the final stage will be softening everything out and making things softer/rounder and a little less ripped looking!

    well, thats the plan anyway :)