Saturday, 6 March 2010


So "Headruary" has come to an end, it's definitely helped, but it's also confirmed how far i still need to go. I haven't even begun tackling the more tricky areas such as expressions, mood, age etc. I'll probably keep going on this for a bit longer and them move onto something else - hands and gesture drawing look like likely candidates right now

With all that and some technical doohickery at work, not much to show for myself since last post. But here are my meagre offerings anyway

A quick lunchtime speedpaint of this excellent model mini-skull

And then onto the speedpaints




And in completely unrelated news, I also saw a few things on the interpipes...if this thing has a decent paint app and pressure sensitivity then i know what i want for christmas

Also i saw this, which frustratingly isn't available to buy as a standalone mannequin. If only it was - it looks so useful. And limber!

And that's pretty much it for now...