Monday, 19 April 2010

World Domination - Part 1

More and more stuff going on, not all of it entirely of an artistic nature

So first things first, i got a mention in this months Imagine Fx - It's a bit of a blink and you miss it experience, but it's a start. Still, i'm one of the 5 most interesting things happening ON THE PLANET, so who am i to argue? Next stop - double page spread...

Also managed to squeeze in a few days back home, where unbelievably, the normally windy and battered west coast of Ireland was more like the south of italy. Perfect blue skies and 20 degree + temperatures. Wasn't sure the plane had landed in the wrong country. Awesome!


And finally, some actual art. Of a sort
Dr. Sketchy on saturday, and joined by the excellent likes of Jake, Ryan, Jon, (blogless) Dan and Rich had a fantastic, and lucrative time.

First up to win a prize was jake for some beautiful stuff done is a very short amount of time

The lovely Megan, aka Mrs. Dan, doing sterling work

And then it was my turn for the limelight - 2 free tickets to the next show in hand. GET IN!

And heres the AWARD WINNING piece in question

and FINALLY a few of the other sketches from the day

Now. Whats next...?


  1. Hahah brilliant, you getting a mention in Imagine FX!! :D I have that issue, gonna go look...!

  2. Things are going to start happening for you now!

  3. Good stuff, A-Dog! Don't forget us little people on your way up...?

  4. Ace work Aidan! Congrats on getting in Imagine FX!

  5. Nice one! Next time should be the cover!! I will make an effort to drag myself to sketchys next time...