Sunday, 4 April 2010

Long time no post.

A lot of things going on this month, but sadly not as much of it art related as it should be.

Still there was a little activity in that area, so here's what happened

My mission to learn/relearn some of the basics continues in earnest, the picture below is what i've managed to do since starting

But thats not it! Work picked up copies of a new series of gnomon dvds which look like they could be pretty useful, so looking forward to seeing how they go.

Also picked a really interesting book from amazon - the sort of art it deals with is WAY more abstract and expressionistic than anything i'd have done myself, but it's all the better for it. Guaranteed not to be everyone's cup of tea, but worth a look all the same.

I managed to finish off another sketchbook, first one of the year, and so for no other reason than to show i've been doing SOMETHING here's some of the er, highlights from the last few pages

I even took one of the sketches above and developed it a little further - Mermaid!

And over on CGHUB i had a crack at a book cover for "John Carter of Mars". Still only work in progress (and likely to remain so)

Lastly, managed to meet up with Jake, Mya and Ryan for some pub doodling. Good times!

Now, to see if there's any art to be done...

*edit* looks like i did some - i figured the mermaid lady above might be needing some company so finished up this fella. A MerShark if you will - he's lovely on the inside really


  1. Lovely sketchwork Aidan - and a great mermaid to boot!

  2. Great Sketches Aidan, also very good to see that I'm not the only one who chooses the Malt Cross to draw in

  3. Great Stuff Aidan! Headurary paid dividends mate.
    Had a blast on Saturday, we should do it far more often!

    Mr. Gibson. Next time we do it we will let you know, would be great to have you join us!

  4. Nice one Jake, That sounds good to me sir

  5. Great to see all this stuff from you Aidan! The Malt Cross pics bring back a lot of memories - blublublub!

    I see Mya's using a moleskine - that sketchbook is about 3 times bigger than his usual pad and I'm worried!

  6. come back nick! what's craig mullins got that we don't?!

  7. Looks great fun, wish I was there. Keep posting, old chaps!

  8. Hahah all those pages of skulls and faces, bet that was fun :D Such good practice though! The MerShark is my fave here, he looks like quite a character (....and a bit creepy).