Monday, 27 July 2009

More Stuff

And the deluge begins...right, first the speedpaints


"Raising Hell #1"

"Raising Hell #2" - this one more of a 5 minute doodle

And 30 minutes of collage shenanigans with "Clockwork Starship"

And finally, another anatomy tonal study...

As quickly as it began, it all went quiet again...

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Weekly Update

So apart from the "Deceptive Appearance" speedpaint below, heres what else i've been up to

Another Speedpaint - "Vampire Hunter"

An illustration for a newsletter at work - can't show it yet, so here's a miniscule and very tiny peek

And finally today, i grappled with some graphite sticks and banged out this still life study of a tiny bust i got on ebay. Got to keep working on the traditional "skillzzz"


and a tonal/anatomy study aswell

Monday, 13 July 2009

Quick Update

todays lunchtime speedpaint was fun so i developed it a bit further this evening and VIOLA!

"Deceptive Appearance"

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Nothing to get excited about

a bit quiet this week - i've not been doing any finished pieces, so just some scruffy odds and sods for now.

First up some sketchbook scans ("Draculard" being a bit of a tea-time group invention. Credit where it's due chaps)

And some speedpaints

"Cold-Hearted #1"

"Cold-Hearted #2"


"Mya's Day Off"

That is all!

*edit* Almost forgot, i "finished" (did a few more hours work on) one of last weeks speedpaints, here it is

"No Face"

*Final Edit*
Well it had to happen sooner or later...a self portrait. In pencil.
I'm sure there are better ways of spending a sunday afternoon...


Thursday, 2 July 2009

This weeks batch

Some speedpaint from the last few days...some may get a more thorough second pass, some might not!

"Death and The Maiden"

"No Face 1"

"No Face 2" (er, don't blame me, i only draw what my pen tells me to)

And some sketchbook thumbnail scans

Now back to sweating profusely, oh god its HOT