Monday, 29 June 2009


Wahey! one of the few "completed" pieces i manage to do...started ages ago for the "Hidden Treasure" speedpaint topic.

*edit* did a couple more things this evening

Mr. Carver mentioned a Dr. Jeckyl topic over on some forum, so here's some sketchbook scans including an exceedingly rat-faced Mr. Hyde. Nowt particularly earth-shaking

And This is just a quick speedpaint for a topic over on ImagineFx, "Scarlet"

And that, is THAT.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Say cheese

uploaded new photos today - some from my excursion a few weeks ago to lathkill dale in the peak district

and some from today's wander round my er, local cemetary.

all these and (some) more over HERE

The great outdoors!

so this weekend i was mostly out taking a few snaps - while doing that i took time to do a sketch OUTSIDE. Thinking about it, i don't know if i've actually done it before. The main reason being that one feels like a right twunt. In fact i tried to do it in town on saturday but completely bottled it. Why are there so many people around in town

Still, it'd be good to do more of this sort of thing in the future so hopefully this is just the first of many!

also still working on finishing up that "Hidden Treasure" piece...almost done. here's a sneak peak!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Gas Man Cometh

or more specifically,

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon

a friend posted up this speedpaint topic,
so i scanned in a few sketchbook thumbnails on the subject

these are *really* quick and basic, but they were a lot of fun to do.

Might get some more done on them over the coming week....MAYBE

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Animal Magic - work in progress

thats the theme for todays lunchtime speedpaint, and these are the fruits of todays sketchbook harvest - i'll probably go with the octopus

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

hidden treasure

this is the latest lunchtime speedpaint - i may have time to go over it a bit during the next few evenings...

*edit* and here's a work in progress colour study

Thursday, 4 June 2009


So heres a few from the last week
For speedpaints in particular i usually work black and white as i don't have time to worry about colour as well...if i like them and take them further i can add the colour in later.

"Spikes" 1

"Spikes" 2


*edit* i gave the infested lad a second lunchtime worth of attention...

First Post!

Er, by day i'm a mild mannered character artist in the video-games industry (somewhere in the wilds of nottingham) but by night, i'm an even milder mannered artist in my spare room.

Here's where i'll be posting speedpaints, sketches or whatever else takes my fancy when i'm not doing the day job.

It's probably best to just get things started and let the pictures do the talking...




New Suit

Breaking Bad


New Species







The 5th Horseman