Tuesday, 17 November 2009

This. That. The Other.

So a lot of disparate "things" this week, so in no particular order

Dr. Sketchy Danse Macabre Event
Despite the best efforts of the models, things didn't quite come together on my sketchpad - although I did manage to blag some Mucha postcards, which is nice... So here's most of my scribbles compressed into one.

And while we're on the subject of life-drawing here's a few more of a slightly less sparkly and burlesque nature

And Now for more mindless trifles from my sketchbooks...

wait, there's more...

And finally, the Speedpaints...


MADNESS (not the band)


...and almost forgot, something thats still work in progress

Nice one.


  1. Luminous is my absolute fave :D The life model pic with her head resting is lovely, you captured it well :)

    (And yes on the Mucha stuff!)

  2. Very nice work aidan; like Lady T said, the second top right life drawing is great. Your "style" really seems to be developing recently! good stuff.