Sunday, 4 October 2009


So after several weeks of top-secret doodle development i can finally post the fruits of my labours

As part of left-lion sponsored arts festival, local art shop, er, theshop was holding an illustration exhibition along the theme of "Dead Celebrities" - which i'd been invited to be a part. This was a pretty exciting prospect as i'd never "exhibited" before, so here's what i eventually contributed

The Finished Pieces

Some Like It Rotten

Baby Dangler

Red Carpet

And here they are, finally released into the wild!


And these are the ideas that didn't make the final cut and remain unfinished (for now?)...

Also there's been the odd speedpaint, and another awesome Dr. Sketchy's...but that's for the next post.

Right now, it's time for a break.


  1. Really cool stuff, liking Marilyn! Hahaha is Michael Jackson too soon?;)

  2. cheeeers! As for too soon, you should have seen some of the other pieces that were up - mine was positively a model of restraint!

  3. ooo, I just saw that missy malone and leyla rose are at sketchys in december. You should definately try to get to that one if you can: I saw them both in Cheltenham a couple of weeks ago and the are both excellent performers.

  4. Ben,
    If you want to ocme and play at the next one then your are most welcome to come up and stay at chez gumbleton the night before.
    It would be awesome to see you there and i doubt there is an art event more up your street.

    Well done again on the exhibition willy. You are a good egg!

  5. jake- you're on!
    been meaning to come up for an age.
    Ness has got a huge girl-crush on Leyla as well so might even be able to drag her up!

  6. woo! awesome! see you at the next Dr. Sketchy!

  7. awesome stuff! will book it all in with wifee when she returns from london!