Thursday, 3 September 2009

Pick N Mix

Quite a mixed bag this week, so here's what's what


A couple based on the topic "Mean Machine", done in the usual hectic lunchtime 30 mins

Mean Machine #1

Mean Machine #2


I've just started a sketchbook devoted to quick studies - the initial target is 100 heads..after that who knows, hands, gestures, poses, ears and all that

And now for some utterly pointless sketchbook doodles

Its a bit rough and ready, but these are supposed to be the sort of thing you DON'T want to wake up and find lurking at the end of the bed

And then there's the following - no rhyme or reason whatsoever

And that's SHALLOT.

Bye now.

1 comment:

  1. Another Crytek Nottingham artist (greetings from Frankfurt!). I reallllly like the Mean Machine pics, epic in a very simple way :D The sketchbook idea is cool - I always wanna do something like this when sitting in a coffee shop, but people catch on pretty quick what you're up to, is annoying.
    Cool stuff anyways :D