Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Where have you been Walt?

a couple of recent studies here.

The first is from a screen-grab from "Breaking Bad" - i tried to loosen up on the brushwork and go a little madder with the colour, i.e. worrying about relative colour and warmth/coolness rather than exactly reproducing whats "real". Which seems to have worked to some degree.

And here's an EXTREME CLOESUP of all that wholesome texturey goodness

the second is a from the fillum "The New World" - one of only 2 good films* made by Colin Farrell (and his eyebrows)

*The other was "In Bruges"


  1. ace, Ace, ACE! That looks very cool - one of your best in terms of execution, there's a real personality to the mark making - more, A-dog, MORE!

  2. thanks neil! there will be more, time, work and laziness permitting...