Sunday, 16 August 2009


I didnt get much time for any digital work this week, i've been brushing up on theory/tutorials and also trying to wean myself off a wacom and onto a more nutritious and crunchy diet of traditional media

So to start, here's some random doodles i didnt have time to take any further - even though there's a few i have definate plans for

Then today, using a cast generously on loan from the Cakeypigdog collection, i tried my hand at some more still plumb lines, i'm trying to just get comfortable with graphite before i worry about that sort of thing

Ah, isn't she lovely

And finally, i finally managed to break the psychological terror barrier that's gripped me every time i even think of using paints.
So even though this is just some hour and a bit of gouache tomfoolery, its a bit of a personal milestone, having not gone near anything paint like for nigh on 6 years...eventually acrylics are on the cards, and who knows, one day, the mother of all media..OIL PAINTS

Baby steps first though

Slán go fóill!


  1. good lad wilson. Its ace to see you buckling down and kicking ass!

  2. so far it feels like the only ass thats getting kicked is pain no gain apparently!

  3. Great stuff - god to see you doing some art art! I've been meaning to work on a cast drawing - after I've mastered my oil paintings.

    Keep us posted, you art BEAST!