Monday, 3 August 2009

Decisions, Decisions

i've been trying to make sense of an idea for a picture - struggling a little with composition, i think it might be working, but i'm not 100% sure. I might leave it for a bit and see how it looks with fresh eyes...

so here's some work in progress - i'm not going to explain whats going on, as i'm not entirely sure myself.


  1. hey willy. cool pic. i had it up on my monitor and a couple of people walking past commented favourably; i told them it was mine of course haha...not really.
    compositionally, i think some of the lines carry the viewer off the page too much, particularly the straight line of the cliff and the angel thing in the sky. try and circle the viewer back into the image with your image flow instead of off the page. sometimes i find it useful to draw a temp "flow" layer over my image to see where the eye goes, and then another layer where i WANT it to go and move the image proper around till it sort of matches the flow i want.

  2. cheers for the advice ben - i think i have a better idea of what to do now. when i get the chance i'll try and post a new improved composition/layout.